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Engage with us as we take you and your organizations to the Digital Learning Arena and give you the competitive edge for building and sustaining a high-performance workforce


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Upgrade your organization or school with our intuitive and robust LMS to not just digitalize your learning, but also create income streams and connect more instructors and learners. Our AI-Driven LMS everything you dream of and more. Give it a try.


eLearning Content Conversion and Authoring

Go full blast with your eLearning contents production with intuitiveness, interactivity, gamifications and more. Using the world's leading eLearning Authoring Tool combined with our Ai-driven LMS, your eLearning comes alive and ready for your learners.


Multimedia Production for Learning

You do not need your own studio. We convert any content and curriculum into beautiful animations, videos, designs, audio and more. We have one of the largest eLearning Production studios with massive eLearning operations everyday. We are masters of eLearning.


Building and Managing Online Academies

A lot of organizations, associations, individuals desire to launch their own Academies but do not have the capacity to build, manage and market the platform. Let us partner with you and make this happen on your own business terms and model. 


Translation of eLearning Contents

Translate your contents to French for your employees in other African countries or global audience. Translate to local languages to connect with your target users across Nigeria. Whichever the case, we have the expertise, structure and capacity to make this happen. 


Exams and Certifications Online Courses

Do you conduct regular exams or tests for your employees, partners, clients or students? A lot of organizations use our structure and platform to design, develop and conduct exams, projects and certifications of all kinds, for all types of audience - internally and externally.

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Beyond Instruction: Mentorship & Support

At Sapphital, we understand that the quality of our instructors is paramount to the success of our learners. That's why we've meticulously crafted a selection process that ensures every instructor who joins our team possesses a unique blend of expertise, dedication, and passion for learning.

What Makes Our Instructors Exceptional?

    Vetted Excellence

    Proven Credentials

    Mentorship and Support

    Inspiration and Motivation

Instructor of the Month

For this month, our spotlight beams on Dr. (Coach) Naomi Osemedua, for her unwavering commitment to excellence, positive vibes and intelligence. When it comes to infusing storytelling into learning, Naomi is a Master. We worked on several projects during the year 2023 and we were particularly pleased with the quality of her output. The whole Sapphital family (Executives and Team) enjoyed working with Coach Naomi and celebrate our one and only Coach Naomi Osemedu, PhD.