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The All-in-One Community Platform

A lot of organizations use Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups to, manage their members. Now imagine having a fully functional website that is your own community, but with all the features to manage, communicate, monetize, educate and empower your members.
The Sapphital Community is a comprehensive platform that empowers communities of all types to thrive. We provide a suite of features and tools that help community leaders and managers build, engage, and manage their communities more effectively.
Our mission is to make it easier for people to come together and build stronger, more connected, and purpose-driven communities. We believe that communities are essential for building a better future, and we are committed to providing the resources and support that communities need to succeed.
We serve a wide range of communities, including businesses, government organizations, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, and more. Not only that, but we are passionate about helping all communities thrive, and we believe that our platform can make a real difference in the world.

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  • Enhanced Community Engagement

    Foster meaningful connections and interactions within your community through a feature-rich platform that encourages engagement.

  • Robust Member Management

    Effortlessly manage and organize your community with advanced member management tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both leaders and members.

  • Customizable Features

    Tailor the platform to suit the unique needs of your community, with customizable features that empower leaders to create a personalized and engaging space.

  • Education and Support Resources:

    Access educational materials and support resources to empower community leaders in cultivating a positive and thriving online environment.

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    Privacy and Security

    Ensure a secure and private space for community members, with robust privacy features and data security protocols.

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Unlock the Power, Explore Sapphital Community's Dynamic Features

Discover a World of Possibilities – Elevate Your Community Experience with our Feature-rich Platform.

SSL Website Security

Guarantee the protection of your website and member data through the implementation of an SSL certificate.

Admin Role Permissions

Limit access for website administrators to designated admin sections, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.

Advanced Post Moderation

Opt for automated publication of member posts or choose a moderation approach for greater control over content.

ChatGPT Content Creator

Harness the power of ChatGPT's artificial intelligence for seamless article writing, email drafting, and more.

Feature Members on the Homepage

Showcase specific members on your homepage to highlight their contributions and engagement.

Google Map Search Results

Improve user experience with integrated Google Maps, geo-coding tags, and predictive search functionalities.

Hidden Member Profiles

Unleash the potential of member search capabilities while maintaining robust privacy controls.

Members-Only Content

Manage who can access secured content on your website, ensuring restricted information remains confidential.

Private Member Chat

Enable direct member-to-member messaging within your website, fostering seamless communication.

Web Page Builder

Easily launch new web pages using a straightforward text editor, eliminating the need for coding expertise.

Mobile-Ready App

Seamlessly integrate your community with popular app builders with just a few clicks, ensuring quick deployment.

Design + Branding

Begin with a professional theme and then personalize every aspect of your site's appearance to suit your brand.

Member Dashboard

Enable members to independently manage their profiles and listings, allowing you to focus on growth.

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Email Marketing

Stay connected with your community through built-in email marketing and newsletter features.

Member Management

Design an array of membership plans, each with its own set of privileges and restrictions.

Blogging System

Quickly release SEO-optimized blog articles featuring images, videos, links, headings, and more.

Event Listings

Provide all staff and members the capability to post their upcoming events and activities.

Banner Advertisements

Oversee and organize the placement of banner advertisements for sponsors to boost additional income.

Our Projects

At Sapphital, our commitment goes beyond transformation; it's about creating lasting impact. Here are some of our recent projects:



Progressive Young Women Forum


UX Design

The Honest Network, Dubai


UX Design

Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Export Group


  • What is Sapphital Community?

    Sapphital Community (powered by iCircle) is a robust community-building platform designed to empower individuals and organizations in creating thriving online communities. It offers a suite of features for streamlined communication, member management, and customizable tools to enhance the community experience.

  • How Can I Ensure Security?

    We prioritize security by providing SSL certification for your website, restricting admin access to specific areas, and allowing control over member post publishing through automated or moderated options.

  • What Role Does AI Play in iCircle Connect?

    ChatGPT's artificial intelligence is integrated into Sapphital Connect to facilitate effortless content creation. Users can utilize ChatGPT for writing articles, drafting emails, and more.

  • Can I Customize the Look of My Community Website?

    Absolutely! Sapphital Connect allows you to start with a professional theme and customize your site's appearance entirely, providing flexibility to match your brand identity.

  • How Does Sapphital Connect Support Member Interaction?

    Yes. Sapphital Connect enhances member interaction by featuring individual members on the homepage, enabling member-to-member messaging, and integrating Google Maps and predictive search for an enriched user experience.

  • Are There Privacy Controls on iCircle Connect?

    Yes, Sapphital Connect prioritizes member privacy by offering robust controls over member search and access to protected content. You can tailor the privacy settings to align with your community's needs.

  • Can I Monetize My Community Platform with iCircle Connect?

    Certainly! Sapphital Connect provides opportunities for generating additional income by overseeing and organizing the placement of banner advertisements for sponsors.

  • Is iCircle Connect User-Friendly?

    Absolutely! Sapphital icircle Connect is designed to be user-friendly, with features like a simple text editor for effortless web page creation, member-managed profiles, and listings for a smooth user experience.

  • How Can I Stay Connected with My Community?

    Sapphital Connect offers built-in email marketing and newsletter tools, allowing you to stay connected with your community members and keep them informed about updates, events, and more.

  • Can I Create Different Membership Plans on Sapphital Connect?

    Yes, Sapphital Connect provides the flexibility to create unlimited membership plans, each with its own set of privileges and restrictions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of your community.